Saturday, August 16, 2008

Salix saves a hummingbird!

I really am on my way to Norway--but I had to share this very short story. I walked into the garage today for a shovel, and found a panicky hummer. Both garage doors were open, but the little bird was trying to escape through the ceiling. We think maybe she (or he, not sure how to tell) mistook the white stripes on the ceiling for light or sky--she would only fly up, not down and out the way she came in. If I tried to shoo her out, she'd fly up over the door and get caught between the door and the ceiling. I carried in every plant I could find as a lure--a red geranium, some black and blue salvia, a long stemmed red rose (no kidding)--but she stayed up high, lighting when she'd get tired on a fishing pole that belonged to the previous owners (yeah, we need to clean more).

This is hardly the Grail--the hummingbird was trapped and tired and I caught her during a break--but I did get a rare opportunity for a close-up.

After about half an hour, I was worried about the bird exhausting herself, so I consulted with Salix. We wished we had a net, but we didn't. So Salix got a broom, and after a couple of proffers, the hummer lit on the broom! Salix gently took the broom down to the open door, and she was on her way. I wish I had a picture of the rescue, but I didn't want the flash to agitate her, so my 1000 words will have to suffice.


Phillip said...

I'm glad you saved him! Cosmo, the Latin name for fan flower is Scaevola saligna. You can't beat it for summer long blooms. I'm not noticed any hummingbirds around mine but I'm sure there are there when I'm not looking.

Gail said...

I think this qualifies as a very good closeup of a hummer! Salix is our hero! Have fun in Norway!


tina said...

What a nice save and good picture too! Have fun on your trip!

Sarah Laurence said...

You have the makings of a real birder - get a great photo and rescue the subject. Off to Norway - how wonderful! I look forward to seeing those photos. Some say Maine looks like the Norwegian coast. Enjoy!

Rose said...

I'm so glad you were able to save her! I think this more than qualifies as finding the Grail:) I've heard of birds being trapped indoors many times, but never a hummer.

Have a wonderful time in Norway!

Entangled said...

Rob Merola, a blogging acquaintance of mine, had a similar experience last summer. Except his hummer was in the house!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Very good rescue. I would never have thought the hummer would land on a broom. Have a wonderful trip.